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Biomaterial and Biomedicine is an open access, peer reviewed online journal publishing the original research articles, letters, reviews and new technical methodologies in all aspects of biomaterial and biomedicine.

Biomaterials are a class of high-tech materials used for the diagnosis, repair or enhance its function of human tissues and organs. The journal is a laboratory oriented journal devoted to illuminating Biomaterial and Biomedicine involved a wide range of biological, physical, chemical sciences and the clinical disciplines. Topics include biomaterials covering blood-compatibility materials, such as artificial valves, artificial heart ect.; soft tissue compatibility materials (contact lenses sheet of polymer material); biodegradable materials (chitin, polylactic acid); macromolecular drug polypeptide (insulin, and synthetic vaccine) and other materials; as well as the biology of the host response, immunology and toxicology and self assembly at the nanoscale. Biomedicine especially its clinical applications contain the current findings in biological compatibility/incompatibility of biomaterials, the therapies of medical technology and regenerative medicine, the biomaterials applications in all biomedicine experiments.

Biomaterial and Biomedicine is published independently by BioPublisher based on British Columbia of Canada. All papers published in this journal are licensed to all users under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License (CCAL).

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