Shell Color Allelic Lines of Rapana venos (VALENCIENNES, 1846)  

Igor P. Bondarev
Biological Evidence, 2013, Vol. 3, No. 2   doi: 10.5376/be.2013.03.0002
POSTED Dec. 2012
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Received: 30 Nov., 2012    Accepted: 15 Dec., 2012    Published: 17 Dec., 2012
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Bondarev, 2013, Shell Color Allelic Lines of Rapana venosa (VALENCIENNES, 1846), Biological Evidence, Vol.3, No.2 4-11 (doi: 10.5376/be.2013.03.0002)

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Rapana venosa shell outer background color and color patterns variation were investigated. It is stated that color diversity spectrum is produced by combination of two different genes and their alleles. Dominant and recessive alleles are determined by proportional frequency of associated shell color type reflection.

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