Rice (Oryza sativa L.) OsNADP-ME4 gene responds to adversity stresses  

Limin Chen1 , Daisuke Tsugama2 , Tetsuo Takano2 , Shenkui Liu1
1. Key Laboratory of Saline-alkali Vegetation Ecology Restoration in Oil Field (SAVER), Ministry of Education, Alkali Soil Natural Environmental Science Center (ASNESC), Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, 150040
2. Asian Natural Environmental Science Center (ANESC), The University of Tokyo, Nishi-tokyo-shi, Tokyo, Japan
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Cell Biology and Biophysics, 2015, Vol. 4, No. 1   doi: 10.5376/cbb.2015.04.0001
Received: 30 May, 2015    Accepted: 31 May, 2015    Published: 01 Jun., 2015
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Chen et al., 2015, Rice (Oryza sativa L.) OsNADP-ME4 gene responds to adversity stresses, Cell Biology and Biophysics, Vol.4, No.1 1-7 (doi: 10.5376/cbb.2015.04.0001)


NADP-malic enzyme (NADP-ME, EC1.1.1.40) is involved in many metabolic pathways in plants, and has been recently reported in plant defense responses to a variety of environmental stress factors. In this study, an analysis of rice OsNADP-ME4 (NCBI: NM_001050754) gene was performed, the gene open reading frame (ORF) was 1756 bp, encoding 585 amino acids, and predicted location was in cytoplasmic. OsNADP-ME4 had a identity of 79% and 90% with AtNADP-ME1 and ZmcytME respectively, and a close genetic relationship with them in the evolutionary tree. 12 hours after different concentrations of NaCl, PEG6000,and NaHCO3 stresses with 14-days rice seedlings, the transcription of the OsNADP-ME4 gene increased in response to almost all the treatments in the roots, while decreased in the leaves, especially at 30 mM NaHCO3 stress, the transcription increased to 3 times in roots. Over-expressing OsNADP-ME4 gene enhanced the tolerance to salt and drought stresses of transgenic Arabidopsis.

OsNADP-ME4; Abiotic stress; Gene expression; Transgenic Arabidopsis
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Cell Biology and Biophysics
• Volume 4
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