Comparative structural analysis of cytokinin dehydrogenase enzymes of O.sativa, A. thaliana and Zea mays leading to predict the best enzyme  

Pranati Swain , Lambodar Behera
Central rice research institute, cuttack, odisha, India
Author    Correspondence author
Computational Molecular Biology, 2014, Vol. 4, No. 14   doi: 10.5376/cmb.2014.04.0014
Received: 03 Dec., 2014    Accepted: 26 Dec., 2014    Published: 30 Dec., 2014
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Swain and Behera, 2014, Comparative structural analysis of cytokinin dehydrogenase enzymes of O.sativa, A. thaliana and Zea mays leading to predict the best enzyme, Computational Molecular Biology, Vol.4, No.14, 1-9 (doi: 10.5376/cmb.2014.04.0014)


The cytokinin dehydrogenase enzymes of rice, wheat and maize were selected for this study. The enzymes of this crops show the same function i.e, leading to high grain production. The CKX1, CKX2, CKX3, CKX4, CKX5, CKX6, CKX7 and CKX8 enzymes of these three crops vary from each other on the basis of their physico-chemical analysis. A brief study has been done on all these enzymes showing the similarities, domains, secondary structures, homology models, backbone confirmations, best generated models and functions. From the study we got that Q4ADV8 of O.sativa has the best secondary structure with strong helix, turns and sheets along with highest molecular weight. A2XVN3 of O.sativa has the longest domain region, Q9FUJ1 of A.thaliana has highest numbers of total negatively charged residues (ASP+GLU) and Q9LY71 of A.thaliana has highest numbers of total positively charged residues (ARG+LYS). The Q9LTS3 of A.thaliana has highest VDW radius from geometric center. Q8LNV6 is the best model depending upon the Z-score calculated by ANOLEA. from the above study it is concluded that the enzymes of O.sativa andA.thaliana has more strong physico-chemical characteristics than in comparision to the zea mays.

Cytokinin dehydrogenase enzymes; Physico-chemical analysis; Domain region prediction; Predicting the best enzyme
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Computational Molecular Biology
• Volume 4
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