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Computational Molecular Biology has no external editorial board. Instead, global recognized scientists in this field are invited to be as members of International Editorial Advisory Board (IEAB) . All editorial decisions are made by an editorial team of full-time professional editors at BioPublisher in British Columbia of Canada.

Members of International Editorial Advisory Board (Chapter of IEAB)

Dr. Jack X. Min
Associate Professor
Organization Name & Address: Center for Applied Chemical Biology
                                                    Department of Biological Sciences
                                                    Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH 44555, USA

Research interests: Bioinformatics database and tools, comparative genomics,
                                 proteomics and secretomics

Dr. Zhang Yan
Organization Name & Address: College of bioinformatics science and technology,
                                                    Harbin Medical University
                                                    194 Xuefu Road, Harbin 150081, China
Research interests: Bioinformatics, genome, epigenome, system biology

Dr. Gaurav Sablok
Organization Name & Address: Plant Functional Biology and Climate Change Cluster (C3),

                                                    University of Technology Sydney,

                                                    PO Box 123 Broadway NSW 2007 Australia
Research interests: Alternative splicing, Evolution, Next Generation Sequencing, Computational model development


Senior Academic Editor: Henry Smith (

Managing Editor: Annie Nyu (

Publishing Editor: Jessi J. White ( 

Chief Illustrator: David Fu

CMB welcomes any scientists around the world who are committed to contribute his expertise in computational molecular biology and any people who want to become an editor to join our team. Please click here to learn how to be an editor of CMB.