Effect of Sodium Chloride on Photosynthetic Pigments and Soluble Protein Content of Green Gram Cultivars (Co6 And Co8)  

Krishna Surendar Karuppasamy , S.V. Varshini , N. Susithra , S. Kavitha , S. Ramesh Kumar , S. Krishnakumar , V. Rajendran
Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture, VIA, Pollachi-642 103, India
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Genomics and Applied Biology, 2014, Vol. 5, No. 4   doi: 10.5376/gab.2014.05.0004
Received: 18 Jun., 2014    Accepted: 01 Jul., 2014    Published: 09 Jul., 2014
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Investigations were undertaken to study the impact of salt stress (NaCl) in concentrations on seed germination and seedling growth of Green gram (CO5, CO6). Seed germination percentage, seedling growth characters, physiological and bio-chemical parameters were estimated at 10 days after sowing in Petridish. The stress was imposed during sowing time with different concentrations viz., 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 ppm. The increased total chlorophyll content was noticed in control (distilled water) treated seeds whereas, very less reduction was observed in T2 to T5 treatments in the range of 10.5 percent over the T11. The highest reduction percent of 23% were observed in T10, T11, & T12 treated seeds. Soluble protein content were significantly reduced due to NaCl treatments. However among the treatments, T1- T5 showed very less reduction 11.5 percent than the other treatments, whereas T6-T11 recorded highest reduction of 21-24 percent over control.

Salt stress; Seed germination; Photosynthetic pigments; Soluble protein; Green gram
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Genomics and Applied Biology
• Volume 5
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. S. Ramesh Kumar
. S. Krishnakumar
. V. Rajendran
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