Final Height and Pubertal Development in 150 Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency in Algeria  

Fedala S.N.1 , Chentli F.2 , Meskine D.2 , Haddam A.E.M.2
1.Department of endocrinology bab el oued hospital, Algeria
2.Department of endocrinology bologhine hospital, Algeria
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International Journal of Clinical Case Reports, 2015, Vol. 5, No. 45   doi: 10.5376/ijccr.2015.05.0045
Received: 16 Jun., 2015    Accepted: 25 Aug., 2015    Published: 10 Nov., 2015
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Fedala S.N., Chentli F., Meskine D.,and Haddam A.E.M., 2015, Final Height and Pubertal Development in 150 Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency in Algeria, International Journal of Clinical Case Reports, 5(45) 1-6 (doi: 10.5376/ijccr.2015.05.0045)


Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) may happen when the body is unable to produce enough growth hormone (GH) or use it effectively. GH plays a fundamental role in helping young bodies grow and develop puberty. When levels of GH are too low, there may be an impact on growth and many functions of the body.We report in this study, the results on the final height and pubertal development of 150 Algerian patients followed in our department of endocrinology.

The average age at diagnosis was 8 ± 2.4 in girls and 9 ± 1.2 in boys. The GH deficiency was isolated in half of the cases, associated with other hypophyseal deficits in the other half; hormonal deficiencies were all substituted. Patients received irregular treatment with GHr the average height of patients GHD at diagnosis in boys: -4,7DS ± 1,8) /(Sempé) and -4,1DS 0,8/ TC; In girls -4,9DS ± 2,3(- 11,8, - 2,8)/(Sempé) and -5, 2 1,2/TC.

Average final height: -3,4 1,02/ Sempé; - 2,1 1,1/TC in boys and - 3,8 1,06/ Sempé and - 3,8 1,03/TC in girls. The average age at onset of puberty in girls: 13.9 2.8 years. At the end of puberty: 17.4 2.8 years. The age of menarche: 15.52 years. In boys, the average At the end of puberty: 19.8 2.2 years. The average duration of the course of puberty is 3.7 0.7 years in boys, 3.1 1,1 years in girls. Delayed puberty is higher in boys than in girls (p <0.04).

GH deficiency; GHr; Final height; Puberty
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International Journal of Clinical Case Reports
• Volume 5
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