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Primary hyperparathyroidism and urolithiasis: about a coralliform lithiasis case  

Mostafa Jamal YOUSFI , Mohammed El Amine AMANI
Departments of Urology and Endocrinology, 1st November 1954 University Hospital of Oran, Algeria
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International Journal of Clinical Case Reports, 2016, Vol. 6, No. 26   doi: 10.5376/ijccr.2016.06.0026
Received: 04 Aug., 2016    Accepted: 11 Oct., 2016    Published: 12 Oct., 2016
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Yousfi M. J., and Amani M.A., 2016, Primary hyperparathyroidism and urolithiasis: about a coralliform lithiasis case, International Journal of Clinical Case Reports, 6(26): 1-4 (doi: 10.5376/ijccr.2016.06.0026)


The primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is not uncommon. The lithiasic events are the most common complication of the PHPT. We report the case of a 53-year-old woman, with a heavy urological history with several extracorporeal lithotripsy sessions for a right nephrolithiasis and a semirigid ureteroscopy for a right ureteral lithiasis, as well as a bilateral calcium oxalate coralliform lithiasis with right kidney consequences. This nephrolithiasis was due to a parathyroid macroadenoma. Through this observation, we highlight that the coralliform lithiasis etiology is not always an infectious disease and the PHPT may be responsible of this type of lithiasis as well as the nephrocalcinosis.

Coralliform lithiasis; hyperparathyroidism; metabolic tests; surgical treatment
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International Journal of Clinical Case Reports
• Volume 6
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