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Tuber Yield, Chemical and Nutritional Properties and End-User Traits among Cassava ( Manihort Esculenta Cranz) Varieties  

S.O. Agele , O.P. Aiyelari , L.U. Olayemi , J. Ogundipe
Department of Crop, Soil & Pest Management, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria
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International Journal of Horticulture, 2018, Vol. 8, No. 7   doi: 10.5376/ijh.2018.08.0007
Received: 20 Feb., 2018    Accepted: 28 Feb., 2018    Published: 23 Mar., 2018
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Agele S.O., Aiyelari O.P., Olayemi L.U., and Ogundipe J., 2018, Tuber yield, chemical and nutritional properties and end-user traits among cassava (Manihort Esculenta Cranz) varieties, International Journal of Horticulture, 8(7): 69-82 (doi: 10.5376/ijh.2018.08.0007)



Growth, tuber yield and nutritional quality attributes of ten varieties of cassava (Manihort esculenta) were evaluated on the field in Akure, in the humid rainforest zone of South-Western Nigeria. The varieties which were evaluated for optimum yield and end-user traits were: TMS 30572, TMS 4(2)1425, TMS 96/1632, TMS 98/0505, TMS 98/0581, TMS 98/0510, TMS 92/0057, TMS 01/1368, TMS01/1412, and TME 419. Data were collected on growth and yield attributes which includes plant height, stem girth, number of leaves and branches. The starch extracted from the varieties of cassava tubers were taken to the laboratory for analysis. The results showed that the varieties differed in most of the growth and yield attributes measured due to genetic makeup. The effects of variety were profound on some of the yield attributes of cassava; TME419 had the highest tuber weight which was 33% higher than TMS30572 which produced the highest number of tubers. The chemical and proximate compositions of starch from the tested Cassava varieties differed significantly among the varieties. TMS01/1368 had the highest N content; TMS01/1412 had the highest K, Na and protein contents but the least P contents. The results obtained were used to classify the cassava varieties evaluated. In terms of growth attributes (shoot biomass), the best three in terms of: plant height (TMS98/0510, TMS98/0581 and TMS30572), stem girth (TMS 4(2)1425, TMS98/0581 and TMS30572), branch production (TMS 01/1412, TMS98/0581 and TMS 4(2)1425), leaf biomass (TMS92/0057, TMS4 (2)1425 and TMS98/0581). For classification based on tuber and starch yield, the best varieties in terms of tuber and starch yield were: TME419, TMS30572 and TMS92/0057 and for starch yield were TMS98/0505, TMS96/1632 and TMS01/1368. The classification based on starch quality attributes to meet end- user demands showed that the tested varieties had high dry matter contents, low Hydrogen cyanide, fat, protein, pH and moisture contents which are best suited for bakeries, confectionary and pharmaceutical industries. Cassava variety TMS 0510 had high viscosity while TMS 98/0505 and TMS01/1368 had low bulk density and low fat contents. The TMS01/ 1412 and TMS01/1368 had relatively high β- carotene contents which can be recommended for women and infant formula for children to combat vitamin A deficiency. Key words: Manihot, Varieties, Tuber, Yield, Chemical, Nutrient, Quality, End uses, Traits

Manihot; Varieties; Tuber; Yield; Chemical; Nutrient; Quality; End uses; Traits
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International Journal of Horticulture
• Volume 8
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