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Role of mosquito coils of botanical origin against Culex quinquefasciatus and Anopheles stephensi  

Goutam Chandra , Koyel Mallick Haldar
Mosquito, Microbiology and Nanotechnology Research Units, Department of Zoology, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India
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Journal of Mosquito Research, 2016, Vol. 6, No. 9   
Received: 25 Jan., 2016    Accepted: 27 Jan., 2016    Published: 26 Jan., 2016
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Smoke toxicity tests were performed to assay the effect of smoke originating from burning of coils prepared from powdered crude dry fruits and ethyl acetate solvent extract of the fruits of Drypetes roxburghii (Wall.) Hurus. on adult mosquitoes of Culex quinquefasciatus Say and Anopheles Liston.
This particular experiment was designed and executed in three steps. Initially the authors observed knockdown effect of the smoke originated from coils (prepared test and control coils) for 1 hour. Secondly, effect of smoke of the coils against biting activity was evaluated. Finally the effect of smoke on the survived mosquitoes was estimated through statistical calculation of percent of population reduction of mosquitoes. The results of smoke toxicity tests were also compared with that of a widely used mosquito coil commercially available in the market.
It was evident from the study that smoke originating by burning coils made of crude and ethyl acetate extracts of fruits of D. roxburghii has great potentiality to cause knockdown activities in adult mosquitoes of Cx. quinquefasciatus and An. stephensi.  Moreover, except providing considerable percent of protection against biting activity of both types of the mosquitoes it also caused population reduction at significant level. The coils were a bit more effective against An. stephensi than Cx. quinquefasciatus mosquitoes.

Drypetes roxburghii; Ethyl acetate extract; Knockdown; Biting activity; Population reduction; Mosquito

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Journal of Mosquito Research
• Volume 6
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