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Efficacy of Occimum grattissimum on Adult Anopheles gambiae  

Afolabi Olajide Joseph
Department of Biology, School of Science, Federal University of Technology Akure, P.M.B. 704 Akure, Nigeria
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Journal of Mosquito Research, 2016, Vol. 6, No. 9   doi: 10.5376/jmr.2016.06.0009
Received: 04 Sep., 2016    Accepted: 28 Oct., 2016    Published: 03 Nov., 2016
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AFOLABI O.J., 2016, Efficacy of Occimum grattissimum on adult Anopheles gambiae, Journal of Mosquito Research, 6(9): 1-6 (doi: 10.5376/jmr.2016.06.0009)


This study was undertaken to determine the efficacy of Ocimum gratissimum oil and powder against adult Anopheles gambiae. The plant leaves were air-dried at room temperature (28±2oC) and relative humidity of 75±5% for 30 days. The air-dried plant part was pulverized into fine powder. 100 g of the powder was dissolved in 95% ethanol and subsequently filtered. The oil was extracted from the filtrate using soxhlet extractor. The extracts were used as oil, fumigant and wax candle. Each weight and concentration was tested against 10 adult laboratory cultured mosquitoes. The results showed that O. gratissimum was effective in reducing the mosquito adults at all concentrations. The plant showed 100% mortality at 2 g and 5 g of the powder, 5-25 ml of the oil and 0.5 g/mol of the wax candle formulation at 30minutes of exposure. The results of the research showed that the plant extract was effective against adult Anopheles mosquitoes; therefore the botanical pesticides can be used in vector control programmes.

Adult Mortality; Anopheles gambiae; Occimum grattissimum
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Journal of Mosquito Research
• Volume 6
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