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An Outer Membrane Vesicle Vaccine against Meningococcal Disease in Guangxi Province  

Qingxu Huang , Junyu Lu
Yulin Normal University, Biology Department, Yulin, 537000, P.R. China
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Journal of Vaccine Research, 2014, Vol. 4, No. 1   
Received: 10 Jun., 2014    Accepted: 12 Aug., 2014    Published: 19 Nov., 2014
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An outer membrane vesicle vaccine against acute, systemic disease caused by meningococci of serogroup B has been developed. The vaccine has been tested consecutively in phase I and phase II clinical trials including more than 3 000 volunteers. These trials provided data on safety, immunogenicity and reactogenicity and possible effect on carriage of meningococci in the throat, and consequently formed the basis for two major protection trials; one in secondary school students and one among military recruits. The aims, design and major results of phase I and phase II studies are described as well as the design and organization of the protection trials.

Outer membrane vesicle vaccine; Meningococcal disease; Guangxi Province

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Journal of Vaccine Research
• Volume 4
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