Effect of Adoption of Improved Soybean Variety on Productivity of Farm Households in Benue State, Nigeria  

Obasoro O.A. , Iwinlade A. , Popoola O. , Adeoti A.I.
Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
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Legume Genomics and Genetics, 2015, Vol. 6, No. 5   doi: 10.5376/lgg.2015.06.0005
Received: 17 Sep., 2015    Accepted: 21 Oct., 2015    Published: 26 Oct., 2015
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Obasoro O.A.,Iwinlade A., Popoola O., and Adeoti A.I., 2015, Effect of Adoption of Improved Soybean Variety on Productivity of Farm Households in Benue State, Nigeria, Legume Genomics and Genetics, Vol.6, No.6, 1-9 (doi: 10.5376/lgg.2015.06.0006)

The study examines the effect of adoption of improved soybean variety on Farmer’s productivity in Benue State, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was employed to select 267 respondents for the study. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, gross margin analysis and the Heckman selection model.
Result shows that most household heads were male with a mean age of 36 10 years and a mean household size of 5 3 members. The awareness characteristics revealed that the TGX 1987-10F soybean variety was the technology adopted in the study area. Majority of the farmers were aware (95.2%) of the improved soybean variety and mostly got their information from extension agents. The economic profitability of the production shows that the average cost incurred on labour was ₦177,091.29 per hectare and constituted the highest proportion (61%) of the total cost of production of the crop. The gross margin and the net revenue per hectare were ₦22,018.44k and ₦311,779.59k.
The Heckman model results revealed that the probability of adoption of the improved soybean variety is influenced by the age of the farmer, gender, dependency ratio and early maturity of the variety while the second stage revealed that the household size, farm experience, membership of cooperative, education and access to credit by these farmers influence the effect of adoption on yield.
It is therefore recommended that government should improve the education of rural farmers through adult education since education positively affects adoption of improved soybean and the yield of these farmers, set up and implement rural welfare schemes to make credit facilities readily available to farmers and strengthen extension service.
Adoption; Improved soybean variety; Gross margin; Heckman model; Benue state
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Legume Genomics and Genetics
• Volume 6
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