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Molecular Entomology (ISSN 1925-198X) is an open access and peer reviewed journal, publishing original research papers within the broadest bounds of molecular entomology.

Molecular Entomology is published independently by BioPublisher. All papers published in this journal are licensed to all users under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

Molecular Entomology is committed to publishing and disseminating significant original achievements pertaining to molecular entomology. All papers chosen for publication should be innovative research work in the related field, including genome structure of insects, gene expression and their function analysis, molecular evolution, molecular ecology, molecular genetics, insect physiology and biochemistry. Meanwhile we also publish the articles related to basic research, such as anatomy, morphology and taxonomy, which are fundamental to molecular technique’s innovation and development.

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Molecular Entomology is now accepting submissions. Please submit your manuscript through the Online Manuscript Handling System. For all enquiries regarding this journal, please contact:
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