Rotten Fruit Disease Pathogen Identification that Isolated from Betel Nut  

Zhaofen Huang , Liu Xie
Haide Institute of Tropical Agricultural Resources, Sanya, 572025
Haide Institute of Tropical Agricultural Resources, Sanya, 572025
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Molecular Pathogens, 2010, Vol. 1, No. 2   
Received: 19 Nov., 2010    Accepted: 03 Dec., 2010    Published: 10 Dec., 2010
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In this study, pathogen Ar8904 Ar8905 were isolated from rotten betelnut in Taiwan Province, pathogen Ar8801, Ar8802, Ar8904 were isolated from rotten betel nut in Hainan Province and pathogen Ar8901, Ar892 were isolated from rotten betel nut in Yunnan Province. Several contrast experiments for the seven strains showed that the morphology, cultural characteristics, host range, pathogenicity and symptom characteristics of the 7 strains are very similar. Therefore, according to modern classification criteria of the colletotrichum, we could determinate that these pathogens isolated from Taiwan province, Yunnan province and Hainan province are the same species of colletotrichum. The rotten fruit disease of betel nut i is caused by the colletotrichum.

Betel nut; Conidia; Pathogen; Colletotrichum

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Molecular Pathogens
• Volume 1
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