Recent Advances in vitro Fertilization of Gramineae  

Zhong an Wang
School of Life Science, Xia Men University, Xiamen, 361005,P.R. China
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Molecular Plant Breeding, 2011, Vol. 2, No. 17   doi: 10.5376/mpb.2011.02.0017
Received: 08 Oct., 2011    Accepted: 07 Nov., 2011    Published: 16 Feb., 2012
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Wang., 2011, Recent Advances on in vitro Fertilization of Gamineae, Molecular Plant Breeding, Vol.2, No.17 119-122 (doi: 10.5376/mpb.2011.02.0017)


Gramineae is one of the largest families of monocot plants, it contains most important staple cereal crops in the world, such as wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, barley, oats, and millet. Fertilization studies of gramineae have been considered very difficult, especially in vitro fertilization. The so-called in vitro fertilization refers to the separation of sperm cells and egg cells, fusion of both cells and regeneration of zygote. The technologies of in vitro fertilization have been widely used in the filed of gramineae, which include transferring the gene into egg cell and zygote, regeneration of plants, in vitro development from fusion products between gametes of alien species, and so on. Some questions of the gamety and embryo were discussed in this review.

Gramineae; in vitro fertilization; Sperm cell; Egg cell; Zygote
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Molecular Plant Breeding
• Volume 2
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