Analysis of Wheat Yield to Implement Precision Farming in Karaj and Taleghan  

Mohammad Fadaee
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Molecular Plant Breeding, 2017, Vol. 8, No.   
Received: 01 Jan., 1970    Accepted: 01 Jan., 1970    Published: 12 Jan., 2018
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The idea of precision farming in agriculture, including the development of technical systems and knowledge management with a focus on the main objective is to optimize the economic benefit. Detailed farm management system is the management idea, and in other words the ability to manage each of the crops at the farm level is its own. Provided that technically and economically beneficial and effective. Therefore, in order to evaluate the performance of wheat in Karaj and Taleghan experimental field and through questionnaires in the 1393 crop year in the agricultural fields of Alborz province that was already selected. The purpose of this study was to identify factors limiting factor for the increased functionality and performance. In addition, since the information needed for decision-making at all levels of arable farmers is increasing due to increasing demand but is responsible to farmers. According to the results, the highest grain yield with irrigation in the city of Karaj, this was a significant positive correlation. The city also has the highest correlation Taleghan grain yield and the amount of phosphate fertilizer that had a significant negative correlation. As well as the highest performance 5.7-7 tons per hectare was observed in the city of Karaj. So the most logical starting point for assessing the performance of the product is precision agriculture, If the farm yield is not high because of changes in the level of their performance is good, it does not remain an opportunity for cost in precision farming technology.

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Molecular Plant Breeding
• Volume 8
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