A High Efficiency Regeneration System of Oriental Lily Cultivar  

Mengli Xi , Lei Fang , Shuai Qiu , Ye Lu , Jisen Shi
Key Laboratory of Forest Genetics and Biotechnology of the Ministry of Education, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, 210037, P.R. China
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Molecular Plant Breeding, 2012, Vol. 3, No. 11   doi: 10.5376/mpb.2012.03.0011
Received: 10 Sep., 2012    Accepted: 14 Sep., 2012    Published: 26 Sep., 2012
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Xi et al., 2012, A High-Efficiency Regeneration System of Oriental Lily Cultivar ‘Constanta’, Molecular Plant Breeding, Vol.3, No.11 115-120 (doi: 10.5376/mpb.2012.03.0011)


An efficient in vitro protocol for micropropagation of Oriental lily cultivar ‘Constanta’ has been established. Adventitious buds were induced from bulblet-scale thin cell layers cultured on MS medium supplemented with cytokinin and auxin. The effect of 6-BA and TDZ on adventitious bud induction from the bulblet-scale thin cell layers was investigated. The concentration of 6-BA and TDZ strongly affected the bud forming capacity. The culture condition also significantly influenced the adventitious bud formation. Results showed that the optimal medium for adventitious bud induction is MS basal medium supplemented with 0.004 mg/L TDZ and 0.2 mg/L 2,4-D. The differentiation frequency and the average number of adventitious buds reached 98.89% and 6.53, respectively. When the adventitious buds were subcultured for two or three times, their circumferences reached 3~4 cm. The bulblets that are 3~4 cm in circumference were transplanted in the greenhouse for hardening and the survival percentage was 96% after 6 weeks. This efficient and rapid regeneration system may also be helpful for Agrobacterium mediated or particle gun mediated genetic transformation for the important bulbous crops.

Oriental lily cultivar ‘Constanta’; Thin cell layer culture; Micropropagation
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Molecular Plant Breeding
• Volume 3
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