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1 About The OMICS Research Journal
OMICS Research publishes research articles, new computational methods, databases and software tools in all areas of molecular biology from a system biology perspective, especially highlighting integration analysis of global high-through OMICS data to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying complex disease and novel bioinformatic analysis approaches based on OMICS data to address specific biomedical problems.

2 Aims & Scope
The journal is an international online, open access and peer-reviewed publication, which enables the rapid publication of papers related to, but not limited to those specialties: OMICS-related system biology, bioinformatics; Computational biology; sequence analysis; Genomics; Epigenomics; Transcriptomics; Proteomics; Transcription regulation; Complex network analysis; Integrated pathway analysis; Disease biomarker; Non-coding RNAs; Pharmacology and small molecule drugs; OMICS-based personalized medicine.

Our in-house publishing team works closely with authors, reviewers and the journal’s scientific editorial board to ensure the rapid, constructive and fair peer review and publication of manuscripts.

3 Publication Mode
We are following the Open Access publishing model. All papers published in this journal are licensed to all users under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and recproduction in any media, provided the original work is properly cited (see BioPublisher Open Access Policy).

Manuscripts must be submitted by BioPublisher online Manuscripts Handling System, or send your manuscript directly to the submission email of OMICS Research: edit@omics.biopublisher.ca. For details please see Instructions for Authors.

4 Publication and Peer-review Process
4.1 Similarity check
All submissions will be subjected to CrossRef's plagiarism check by CrossCheck. Only those with no any similarity compared in the CrossCheck database can be proceeded for peer review. Plagarism check in this journal is solely for the purpose of submission’s language arts and does not imply any plagiarism or forging existed.

4.2 Peer-review
Scientists in the world are invited to be as peer reviewer in this journal. All submission will be automatically transferred online to the reviewers by Manuscript Handling System in the BioPublisher prior to CrossRef's plagiarism check by CrossCheck.

4.3 Online Publication
There are much more advantages for online publishing, including:
** Peer review quickly and professionally
** Anti- Plagiarism by CrossCheck
** Publish on line immediately upon acceptance
** Deposit permanently and track easily
** Open Access under Creative Common licences
** Disseminate multilingual possible

4.4 Indexing and Archiving
All articles published in Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics will be deposited in CrossRef with the DOI (Digital Object Identifer) identity, For details pls see Instructions for Submission.

5 Publication Period
OMICS Research promises to offer much faster publication schedules, Normally it takes six or eight weeks depand on the speed of peer review. Using the recommended manuscript preparation formats will largely speed up the paper procedures and shorten the periods. Research articles will be published electronically in provisional PDF immediately upon acceptance. A fully HTMLweb version and PDF download version will be available within six weeks after acceptance.

6 Citing articles in Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics
Articles in this journal should be recommended to follow regular citation rules. There is an exception for unique article series and DOI instead of the page number.

The preferred citation:
Authors’ name, Publishing year, Article title, Journal name, Volume, Article number (DOI)