What Is Causing So Much Pink Eye?

What Is Causing So Much Pink Eye?

A new variant of the COVID virus, named Arcturus, has attracted global attention. This is because of its rapid transmission as well as the unexpected symptom it causes.

It was initially detected in India but has rapidly spread to numerous countries. The World Health Organization has classified Arcturus as a variant of interest. It is associated with genetic changes and competitive advantage over other circulating variants.

Arcturus is associated with red and irritated eyes. Although the presence of pink eye may appear alarming, experts say viral conjunctivitis is not a major concern by itself. They also claim Arcturus does not exhibit increased severity compared to previous variants.

Inflammation of the conjunctiva, on the other hand, results in engorged blood vessels. This leads to the eyes being reddish. Additional symptoms include watery eyes and sensitivity. The primary cause of viral conjunctivitis is the adenovirus. It accounts for 90 percent of cases. However, influenza, herpesviruses, and other viruses also induce pink eye.

In a nutshell, we can say that understanding the relationship between pink eye and COVID infections will enable individuals to promptly identify the condition easily.

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