Better Bus Systems Could Slow Climate Chang

Better Bus Systems Could Slow Climate Chang

Seattle’s population has been growing over the past decade. Luckily, the city has managed to tackle the accompanying traffic problem. This has seen a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent. The solution was found in an unexpected place – buses. While they are overlooked as a means to decarbonize transportation, they are quite effective.

Research supports electric vehicles as a means of decarbonization. However, vehicle electrification alone is not sufficient to meet the right goals. A 2020 analysis warns that if the U.S. were to replace all gas cars with EVs, it would put a strain on the country’s electricity capacity. This will affect other essential energy needs.

California became the first state to introduce an electric bus fleet. It cost the municipality approximately $81 million. However, a subsequent upgrade resulted in lower costs. I also led to a reduction of about 59 million pounds of CO2 emissions. This is a huge decline in the emissions from the previously high levels in the past.

In conclusion, we see that while EVs play a role in decarbonization, there is a need for a comprehensive approach including a call for reduced driving, improved mass transit, and promotion of investments in electric buses.

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